• Pre-requisite
    • Verify you have the needed system components by reading the "System Requirements" document here (Windows Server 2003 SP1 or R2) is required.
    • Important: LitwareHR was designed and built as close to a real world environment as possible. A production datacenter needs features provided by Windows Server 2003 and the design and implementation of the application were optimized against this platform. If you prefer to run the application on Windows XP for evaluation purposes, this how-to describes the changes that you need to make to the original version so you can run it on Windows XP. Note that the MSI will still install on Windows XP.
  • "5 steps" to get started
    • Download the release installer and documentation
    • Install Crab.msi
    • Complete the installation by following the Readme file (installed as part of the .msi and also available here)
    • Watch the Demo walkthrough:
    • Open the solution and have fun!

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