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Like Litware HR, Crab uses the same Microsoft new technologies to create SaaS application. At the same time, Crab uses a variety of techniques to overcome all the features and difficulties in SaaS Architecture. But Crab is not Litware HR after all, Litware HR is just only one case procedure, and Crab’s first phase of production is like that, but after that, it will operate as true SaaS software. Meanwhile, all files and their codes of Crab will be open and posted on the MSDN, http://www.cnsaas.com and http://www.codeplex.com/saascrab , in order to help SaaS technology enthusiasts to study it better than ever. And we also expect those outstanding architect developers and programmers to do what they can together to develop and improve Crab, and finally promote the domestic SaaS application development.
As the latest SaaS application case of Microsoft, Crab used used most of the latest Microsoft technologies, such as : using Asp.net ajax 1.0, web parts, themes to optimize the pages viewing, using WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) for Services Packaging, using WF (Windows Workflow Foundation) to achieve business process control Flowing, using SQlServer 2005 to implement single instance multi-tenant data model, using ADAM & ASP.NET2.0 membership to achieve with users safety management and so on. These technical advantages and characteristics in the case-Crab are fully shown to us all, For the new asp.net3.0 programmers, Crab can even be used as a new Microsoft technology, "textbook" or the "Getting Started Guide."

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About the Project

At present, China has more and more people begin to understand and concern about Software as a Service. Crab by Microsoft (China) DPE, and Microsoft AST (Architecture Strategy Team), Suzsoft(China) Software Company and Suzhou SaaS Incubator co-operation completed China's first SaaS application, is the second-SaaS integrity case.

On February 7, 2007,with the cooperation between Microsoft AST (Architecture Strategy Team) and Southworks, Microsoft's first SaaS Application case-- LitwareHR officially released, and immediately gain massive popularity in the open source community such as codeplex. After gaining numerous great advices and helping from those experienced architect developers and programmers in those communities, it further improved itself and got more mature. And for special SaaS development trends and the enormous potential market in China, Crab, China's first SaaS application Crab cases emerged by co-operations of Microsoft (China) Developer & Platform Evangelism Group, the Microsoft AST (Architecture Strategy Team), Suzsoft Software Company and Suzhou SaaS Incubator.

Crab is a milestone of the development of SaaS in China. We hope that through this Crab application,we can expound the Microsoft SaaS Architecture and the relevant knowledge of development,offer the vast number of architect and development staff to study.

Getting Started

The Getting Started provides recommendations on how to quickly install and start using Crab.

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There are several ways you will be able to participate to this project.
  • Discuss in forums
  • Report issues
  • Submit feature requests (feature requests are entered as issues)
  • Contribute code: Consistent with standard practice on community development sites, we will ask any community contributors to (1) assign us ownership of the contributions, (2) have your employers, if any, waive any claim to the contributions, and (3) warrant against IP infringement License. If you can comply to these 3 points, please contact Crab community lead and notify your interest in contributing code.

Incubator Introduction

Suzsoft Software Company
During the co-operation with Microsoft in SaaS projects, Suzsoft software company received great support and assistance from Microsoft AST (Architecture Strategy Team), Microsoft (China) DPE Department and Suzhou Software Park and improved its own technical capabilities and project management level greatly, especially in the application of the latest technology of Microsoft. It has already possessed the abilities to provide SaaS technical advice counseling and System Transformation, solutions and recycling services helping their software conversion and transformation from the traditional software applications to SaaS application in domestic and foreign enterprises.

Meanwhile, SaaS model for Suzsoft provides a new service models. Suzsoft's primary business is software outsourcing; in essence, it’s providing the services. Through a combination of their own accumulated experience in their field and SaaS service mode, it laid the groundwork for providing future users with cheaper and higher-quality of service. To Suzsoft, this is also a service platform innovation.

Microsoft ---- Suzhou Software Park SaaS Incubator
In early 2006, two senior SaaS architect developer from Microsoft headquarters in the United States visited the International Tech Park in Suzhou, inspected the hardware and software standards and level of service of the International Tech Park. International Tech Park is hoping that many local SMEs can benefit from the projects SaaS, and spread that across the country. In July 2006, a formal cooperation agreement has been reached, which is to jointly build Microsoft - Suzhou Software Park SaaS Incubator, This is also a part of “Potential Development Initiative “launched by Microsoft and the Development and Reform Commission of China in November 2005. International Tech Park provides the most advanced server, high-quality and comprehensive network whose connectivity rate is higher than 99.9%, and a secure IDC hardware environment, and will share the operating responsibilities of the project.

Incubator's core mission is to help Chinese software enterprises to create and develop software based SaaS model, whose basic function is providing all kinds of support services those SaaS based enterprises waiting to be Hatched. By providing network environment, qualified SaaS IDC room facilities to enterprises, coordinating on SaaS framework training, SaaS consultancy services, and so on. Incubators will give birth to healthy developed SaaS software, which will eventually guarantee the normal operation of SaaS Incubator.

For the project, Microsoft and the International Technology Park jointly established a professional technical services team, nation widely choosing software developers which are suitable for joining the SaaS and provided technical support and counseling services for them. Suzhou Software Park launched a SaaS online marketing platform (www.cnsaas.com) to propaganda concept of SaaS, and demonstrated products of the software developers who joined the hatching plans. After hatching success of SaaS application, Suzhou Software Park publicized the results on SaaS Yellow Pages so users who have needs can have a choice. Incubator services such as Hardware equipment, technical support, promotion platforms, Suzhou Software Park makes SaaS incubator become a very important component in the SaaS concept promotion.

So far, more than 60 ISVs have joined the SaaS plan, of which more than 10 ISVs have officially put their products into the incubators to hatch. Microsoft, International Tech Park, and other businesses will give strong technologically and marketing support to enterprises to Hatch, and reduce the risks and costs From Market enterprises and increase the survival rate and the success rate of SaaS software.

"SaaS incubator is a big road like we built for enterprises” Microsoft explains the meaning of Microsoft - Suzhou Software Park SaaS incubator. Microsoft carefully selected "foundation" for “this road" with the intention of widening this "road" with Suzhou Software Garden so it can attract more enterprises to come along.


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